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Highlight of my Christmas season!!!!

Sue Trace Lawrence, B.S., M.Ed., M.A.  is the director and founder of TOLA. A lifelong resident of Pottstown, she is a college psychology professor as well as a early childhood educator.  

Check out the following link to learn more about Sue's work:

Open to Hope interview:

Board Members and Group Facilitators

  • Seth Lawrence, M.S.

  • Ian Lawrence, M.Ed.

  • Danielle Lawrence, B.S.

  • Amy Myers, B.S.

  • Nicolette Smith, B.S.

  • Jessica Winebrenner, B.A.

  • Jill Lawrence, B.S.

Kristen English, PhD. is a counselor with Ursinus College who serve's as TOLA's clinical advisor.

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