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First Aid for a Broken Heart


Our staff provide free support group services to children and teens. A group consists of 4-8 participants who meet once a week for 8 weeks. Most sessions are held during school or immediately afterward for a duration of 30-60 minutes, depending on the age of the children. Staff utilize published curriculum and involve art, music, and physical activity as well as conversation in the sessions. The goal is to help the participants to develop strong relationships within a safe setting. Bonding with others who understand and empathize helps in the healing process.


Sessions are meant to be a support service and do not take the place of professional counseling. Traces of Love Association volunteer staff do have training in education and/or psychology and can refer a participant for additional help if needed. However, sessions are not designed to be official psychotherapy.

Strengthening the Supportive Links


Traces of Love Association offers information sessions and in-service presentations for parents, educators, and others interested in learning how to help grieving children. Young people grieve differently than adults, and many times grown-ups do not recognize the signs that indicate a struggle in coping. This information will include background on psychological, cognitive, and behavioral development in terms of bereavement, as well as provide practical tips for helping youth deal with loss. Warning signs of abnormal reactions are also discussed. Original and recent research forms the basis for presented material.

Pennsylvania CE credits are granted for educators.

Free printed materials are also available.

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